5 Healthy Cafes In Singapore

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Nutritionist Dominique Rauber-Musey of Nuture Your Happiness gives us her picks for the healthiest places to grab a lunch-time bite in Singapore


1) Grain Traders

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, Grain Trader’s create your own bowl option is hard to beat. You pick up a ceramic bowl at the start of the line, then fill it with an array of freshly cooked ingredients. If you’re looking for inspiration you can pick from one of Grain Traders’ healthy bowl suggestions.

What to order: Start with a base of complex carboydrates to keep your blood sugar level low (eg quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, soba noodles or wholegrain pasta), add protein (lean meat such as chicken and turkey, grilled fish, legumes) and top with sautéed vegetables, seeds, sprouts, salad to add fibre. If you want a little extra flavour add a little light soy sauce olive oil and salt and pepper.



2) Elements & Co

The fresh looking interior of this restaurant immediately makes you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Its menu features superfoods alongside also all-time favorites such as egg benedict. It also offers a wide range of sides and snacks for those with a small appetite.

What to order: Mediterranean Quinoa salad. While quinoa will make sure you are not craving some sweets in the afternoon, the added chickpeas and feta cheese provide you with enough protein and fat to feel satisfied after your meal. If you feel super hungry, add an organic egg to your salad.



3) Kitchen by Food Rebel

If your friends have dietary restrictions take a seat at Kitchen by Food Rebel on Stanley Street. Whether you are gluten intolerant, vegetarian, vegan or allergic to nuts, Kitchen by Food Rebel has you covered. On top of that, it also offers a wide range of healthy, mouthwatering desserts and energizing smoothies. The team make sure that all their ingredients are organic and free of any hormones and antibiotics.

What to order: The Rebel Chicken Burger. If you want a healthy, clean version of a burger, Kitchen by Food Rebel is the place to have it.



4) The LoKal

They offer an all-day breakfast menu, which gives some variety to your usual lunch. But what I really like at this place are the pimp my breakfast add-ons. You can choose from more than 20 side dishes to make your meal complete and add some extra vegetables

What to order: The LoKal Ricotta. It features avocado and almonds that are packed with mono-saturated fatty acids, a poached egg for your dairy quota and sourdough bread that’s filled with micronutrients.



5) Lean Bento

Just because you’re having lunch on the run, it doesn’t mean that you have to let your healthy lifestyle slide. Lean Bento will deliver provides a wide range of healthy options straight to your door. They have a minimum order of $40, so you can partner up with some of your colleagues. All of their meals list their nutritional values and include complex carbohydrates as a side.

What to order: Sea Salt Salmon Bento and Dark Cacao Ninja Protein Muffin. The salmon is a good source for the essential omega 3 fatty acid and high in protein. Combined with brown rice and vegetables this bento makes sure to keep your blood sugar stable. The Protein Muffin is a perfect guilt-free treat before heading to the gym later in the evening.


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