Singapore’s Latest Calorie-Burning Workout

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Want to find out the latest way to whip your body into shape? Then check out Virgin Active Gym’s Ankorr workout


Virgin Active is ready to show you how to get more out of workout with its new Ankorr class. This 20-minute workout involves wearing a harness that helps provide resistance as you go through your moves. The harness can be anchored to a fixed point – which can even be your workout buddy – and as you move away from that fixed point the resistance will escalate. It’s similar to the TRX in that you can help use straps to do numerous bodyweight exercises, but unlike the TRX you can travel with your moves which helps make those thigh and glute muscles work even harder.

We sent Singapore expat Irene Atmetlla Kopper to put the new workout to the test.


SWEAT TEST – Irene Atmetlla Kopper

They call it “the hardest workout you will ever do” and it’s not difficult to see why. This workout definitely makes you sweat. You start the class by putting on your harness and hooking it to a belt attached to a bar. And then the instructor will take you through an array of bodyweight exercises designed to help you workout from top to toe. The exercises vary from class to class, but during our session we did pull-ups, bear crawls and V-sit ab exercises, and we were told to do many rounds as possible within the 10 minutes. I was told to go at my own pace, but with the loud, pumping music in my ears, I couldn’t help but keep on powering through.

Who’s it for? People who are already in shape. I am just getting back into working out, and I found it hard to keep up with the rest of the class who had already been practicing Ankorr for the past six weeks. However, if you are already regularly hitting the gym and looking for a challenge, this is sure to be it.

My tip: As an ex-dancer I would like to see more of a warm-up, so I’d recommend that you do your own warm up before the class.


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