The Perfect Bikini For Your Body

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Hitting the pool? Then pull on your perfect two-piece



FIX IT: If your physique is straight up and down, add instant interest with a frilled bikini. (Bikini, H&M)




FIX IT: If you’re bottom heavy, choose a pair of bikini bottoms with a tie side, as this will help you achieve a more comfortable fit. Go for a top with a little detail to balance out your look. (Bikini, H&M).



FIX IT: Rock those curves in a vintage-style two-piece. Give your bust a little extra support with some underwiring and embrace your curves with some 50-style pants. (Bikini, Dolce & Gabbana at

Dolce & Gabbana printed underwired bikini at


FIX IT: Add inches to your bust with the help of a halterneck. A halterneck will lift, where as a bandeau will flatten out what you have. The underwiring of this top also gives a little boost too. (Bikini,

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