TRX Full Body Blast

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Personal trainer Julianne Walker shows you how to tone your body top to toe with the TRX Suspension Trainer

Warm up for three minutes with your favourite cardio (skipping, jogging, stair climbing…)
Quick Workout: Do this circuit once. Do 15 reps of each move and hold the plank for 30 secs.
Intense Workout: Do two circuits of this workout (with two minutes of cardio in between the sets) then stretch out to finish. Do 20 reps for each move and hold the plank for 45 secs.

Standing tall, hold handles with arms at shoulder level and palms facing down. Lower body until hands are next to ears. Return to start.
Trainer Tip: Keep elbows shoulder-width apart and point them straight ahead.

DSC04479 tricep press 75


 Back and core
Standing tall, face the anchor of the TRX. Hold one strap with your left hand, and keep your right hand outstretched at shoulder level. Now bend your knees, rotate your hips and reach back with your right arm. Return to start.
Trainer tip: Drive the movement from the back and core without turning it into an arm dominant exercise.DSC04485 75 power pullDSC04484 75


Works upper back, biceps and shoulder
Stand with feet hip-width apart facing the TRX anchor point. Hold both handles level with your shoulders. Now lean back and straighten arms. Pull yourself back up to start position.
Trainer tip: Keep chest lifted to finish the row with a tall posture and no rounding of the back.

DSC04493 75 row

Works Legs and core
Stand with your back to the TRX anchor and place your right foot in the handle. Now bend your left leg and drop into a lunge. Return to start.
Trainer tip: Keep heel on the ground and fully engage leg and glutes.

DSC04502 75 lungeDSC04499 75 lunge 2


Hamstrings, hips, glutes, back extensors and core.
Lie on your back and place your heels in the foot cradles. Keep your arms outstretched at shoulder height with palms together. Now bend your right knee 90 degrees, then straighten, before bending your left knee to 90 degrees.
Trainer tip: Press heels evenly into foot cradles and simulate a marching movement to fully engage targeted muscles.

DSC04507 75 hamstring runner 1DSC04512 75 hamstring 2

Upper body and core
Facing down, rest on your forearms and place your toes in the foot cradles. Hold this position.
Trainer tip: Keep tailbone lifted and core engage and avoid sagging in back and hips.

DSC04517 75 plank




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