Singapore’s Best Mountain Bike Trails

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Mountain biker and Co-Founder of The Chain Reaction Project, Zhang Tingjun reveals her favourite trails in our city


SUITS: Beginners and up

+ There are a good variety of trails. You can go for a ride around the island or hit the more challenging trails like the Ketam trail, which has a few tricky descents and some steep tight uphill climbs and switchbacks.
+ It’s fun for tourists to experience a taste of what Spore was like back in the day.  The island is still very rustic and comes complete with mangrove swamps, quarries and a touch of village life.
+ There are nice little spots to stop along the way where you can grab a fresh coconut or bite to eat.
+ It’s rare that hikers find their way on to the biking trails so you don’t have to worry about mini collisions.
+ For bikers keen to do a round island ride, there are many bike rental operators to pick from on Ubin. (If you’re doing the Ketam trail, I would advise bringing your own bike.)

+ It takes more planning and time. You have to take a 10-minute boat ride to the island from Changi Village, which isn’t a problem unless you’re in a rush to get back to the mainland.  Ubin generally is a half day trip at minimum.
+ The trails do get a little crowded on weekends, but because they’re relatively stretched out, you don’t usually face too much bike traffic once you’re actually in the forest.



Suits: Moderately skilled riders and up

+ The bike trail has just been revamped.  There are lots of fun little twists and turns, as well as a couple of nice drops.
+ Easily accessible by bus (no nearby MRT though).
+ Cross-country riding aside, there’s also a spot for the downhillers to practice their drops and jumps.
+ A number of trails shoot off from the main BT trail – these are fun to explore.  A couple of trails are very rooty, with log obstacles to tackle.  However, others are less technical and one even takes you all the way to Mandai.

+ Gets very muddy and sloppy on a wet day.
+ On the weekend lots of runners and hikers use the bike trail even though it’s not allowed.
+ Parking is a huge issue on weekend mornings .



Suits: beginners and up

+ Good for beginners because the trail is a simple one and has many exit points. 
+ Also not too technical with chicken lines an option at the rock gardens.
+ Couple of nice berms to practice cornering on.
+ Mix of rock, loose gravel/sand and jungle terrain.
+ A couple of decent spots to practice drops.
+ There’s also a BMX park for the BMX riders.
+ Lots of parking and easily accessible.

+ Very exposed, so it can get very sunny.
+ A fun little spot, however it can get a little boring if you spend too much time at this trail.


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