5 Ways To Perfect A Thai Massage

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When in Thailand, learn the art of Thai massage. Spa therapist Panissara Chaokhelang of Anantara Chiang Mai resort offers an insider guide to this ancient therapy


Keep Yourself In Shape

Before you work on your partner, you need to work out. If you’re not in great shape, you won’t be able to perform a good massage. So before you start the massage, warm up your own muscles. Stretch out your arms, wrist and neck, in the same way you would prepare for the gym.


Use Your Bodyweight

If you just use your hands and wrists for a massage you will tire quickly. Trained masseurs work from 9 to 5 by using their bodyweight to perform the movement. If you push down from your shoulders you will be able to work harder for longer.


Press, Don’t Push

The other name for Thai massage is “passive yoga” as the technique involves numerous stretches. When you are performing a stretch on your partner, you stretch them out in three steps – light pressure, medium pressure and then firm pressure. Do not bounce their limbs.


Avoid The Joints

Thai massage is strenuous so keep your palms off your partner’s joints. There are lots of ligaments and tissues in there that are fragile, so treat this as a no-go zone.


Try A Thai Chop

If your partner has started to snooze, bring them back to life with a Thai chop. Place your palms and fingers together. With your fingers loose, tap your hands together on their body. The clattering sound will get their attention and let them know that the massage is complete.


Want to know more? You can learn the art of Thai massage during a masterclass with the team at Anantara Chiang Mai.

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