Do You Know Your Onions? Or Organic Vegetables?

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Want to liven up your diet? Order a surprise Veggie Box from Green Circle Farm

Evelyn Eng and Lim Tian Soo have been growing organic vegetables on Green Circle Farm in the north-west corner of Singapore since 1992. When it comes to getting your five a day the Green Circle Farm has made it easy – they place seven different types of veggies in a box for SGD$30. With just a click of a button, you can place your order and you will then receive an email telling you which day they will deliver in your part of Singapore. You pay after you’ve received it. As to what you get, it’s a surprise. We like surprises.

Here are some of the treats that we found in our box. No asking your mums what they are.

Vegetable 1:

Vegetable 2:

Vegetable 3:



If you were born in Southeast Asia you have a chance at getting all three. If not, here are the answers courtesy of Derrick from Green Circle Farm.

Vegetable 1: Moringa Pods

The drumstick like bean pod are young Moringa pods. Here are some recipes to try out.


Vegetable 2: Wild Watercress

The little leaves are wild watercress. You might like to know that they are rather versatile and we have tried them in soup, stir-fry or blanched and dressed with olive oil/sesame oil, salt/soya sauce and crushed garlic, and raw in salad (if you agree with the taste).


Vegetable 3: Asian Arrowroot (Canna Edulis)

They have the texture of a potato and water chestnut. Remove the skin and cook them as you would with potatoes. Eg in curry, stew with carrots, radish or cut slices and fry with carrots and other vegetables or meat. Alternatively another customer said making them into crispy chips were her favourite! Simply slice thinly and fry in a pan or drizzle olive oil and spices and roast in the oven for a healthier option.

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