Workout And Eat Out

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We take a look at the new PanAmerican restaurant at the Sentosa Golf Club

Workout: Golf burns 100 to 300 calories for every 30 minutes played. A round of golf burns 1,400 calories (but you need to carry your bag).

Eat Out: When a sports club says that it’s going to open up a restaurant that serves more than hot dogs and fries we pay attention. Sentosa Golf Club has just launched the PanAmerican, which is a light and bright restaurant at the back of the club that overlooks the sea. On warm days you might want to take a seat inside and on cool days, take a seat on the terrace.

The oversized asado plays a large part in the cooking – not only does the lamb and beef cook slowly in its own juices above the charcoal fire, but even the salsa sauces come with a smoky flavour.

Meat is the mainstay, but the salads are equally plentiful. From Rio salad, created with palm heart, beetroot, cherry tomatoes and aquachile negra (chipotle peppers and lime juice) and British Columbia salad, which features fennel, dates, red cabbage salad and nuts.

You can also choose Salt Baked Trout, which is just as delicious as it sounds.

The menu doesn’t just stick with Latino flavours, more international options such as sticky toffee pudding can be spotted on the menu too. Hey, you deserve it after 18 holes.

If you wish to celebrate a hole in one, there is a bar, which serves up mouthwatering infusions, including sangria, which they serve in a glass porron.

The perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Typical prices: Salad from $14, Salt Baked Trout, $40, Churros, $12 (approx 170 calories each).


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