Infrared Yoga Alert!

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Want a hot yoga workout that won’t leave you dehydrated? Then check out Infrared yoga at the new Jal Yoga studio in Singapore

The Studio

Jal Yoga has turned an old school building on Alexandra Road into an education on yoga. The sprawling, airy retreat features eight studios that are designed to help introduce you to an array of different styles. Next to the welcoming reception you will find two personal training studios and an Ayuverdic clinic (which is expected to open soon), followed by five more studios, including a studio for barre, one for Pilates and another for aerial. Though the founder Pardeep Fogat says that it’s not the studio that they are most proud of – it’s the instructors. For you don’t have to pay for private lessons or travel to India or Malaysia to have access to Kudalini, Angamardana and Kinetic yoga teachers – you can enjoy them right here.



You will be able ease your body into each of the asanas with the help of the studio’s secret weapon – the Infrared studio.  Infrared panels set in the ceiling will take the room to around 34-36 degrees, which means that your muscles will become warm and easier to stretch. And unlike regular hot yoga studios, with the Infrared studio you won’t find that you’re so dehydrated. You can book an Infrared version for Pilates and nearly every yoga option available.

Who Will Go?

With an array of classes they plan to cater to everyone, from the young to the young at heart. However, as they are surrounded by office blocks, we’re sure that it will be the young execs who will be signing up for the muscle-easing Infrared yoga after spending the day glued to a computer.

Final detail that we loved! In the second stage of its development Jal Yoga plans to give back by offering teacher training courses to underprivileged youths in Asia.

Fee: Packages from around SGD$165 for month.

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