8 Wellness Trends To Try

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At the Global Wellness Summit in Singapore, chairman Susie Ellis said how we are going to be shaping up in the new decade


1 Circadian Traveller

Your travel plans will be synced to your own body clock. From apps that help you beat jetlag to smart airport lounges and hotel rooms designed to help you sleep better.


2 Slow wellness

People are being encouraged to help save the planet by travelling under their own steam. This means hiking, biking or kayaking when travelling rather than looking at the world through the windows of a taxi.


3 Urban Wellness

With the launch of Six Senses New York and Majestic Las Vegas, you no longer have to travel to the countryside to get a healthy boost.


4 Rise In Spiritual Seekers

From pilgrimages to visits with shamans, there is a rise in consciousness seekers.


5 Forest Everything

Everyone wants to get back to nature. From forest bathing to rewilding breaks, the world is looking for a digital detox. If you can’t step back into nature, some gyms are even bringing nature to you.


6 The Future Is Female

Sisters are doing it for themselves. They are travel with female friends or flying solo. And you can forget about spa weekends. They are only interested in challenging adventures.


7 Ageing Is Being Rebranded

Fifty-five is quite clearly the new 35 thanks to new resorts such as the Chip Conley Modern Elder Academy in Baja.


8 Wellness Sabbatical

If you have to work 9-5 who says that it can’t be in a national park? Amble and Gather encourage you to embrace that work life balance.



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