Forest Bathing In Singapore

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The Japanese therapy has hit the Lion City. We head into the forest to find out more

What: Forest bathing or shirin-yoku was first launched in Japan in 1982. It involves taking a slow meditative walk through a park or forest. The therapy was viewed as so successful that the government made it part of their national health system and there is now more than 60 shirin-yoku trails in Japan. Xiu Nature Connections has now brought this Japanese therapy to Singapore.

Why: Researchers in Japan believe that trees release antibodies to keep bugs at bay and when you walk through the woods, you ‘bathe’ in these antibodies and boost your immune system.

Where: Numerous parks including Botanic Gardens, Kent Ridge Park and Fort Canning Park.

Who: Suitable for anyone who leads a fast-paced life and could do with a time out.

How: The two-hour guided walk involves mini workshops that put your senses to the test. From listening out to sounds in the woods you might not usually pay attention to, viewing the forest as an art gallery and pulling out points of interest and most of all learning how to be present. You will be invited to talk a walk through the woods as well as find a meditative spot and get at one with nature.

Sweat Result: We rushed from the office to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to test one of the forest bathing sessions. We left feeling as if we’d done two hours of yoga. Try it. It might surprise you.

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