Holland Village’s Latest Yoga Studio

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CBD favourite Freedom Yoga has launched its new studio in Holland Village. We take a look


The Studio

The latest Freedom Yoga offshoot can be found opposite 2am:dessertbar in Holland Village. Open the unassuming little white door to find a staircase painted with motivating messages before you step into the class. At the top of the stairs you’ll find the reception, staffed by a helpful team; you’ll spy an airy studio to your left and changing room to your right. The shower room comes with keyless lockers and with luxe shower gels.

The Workout

There are 11 classes to choose from with hot or cold sessions. After a hectic week, we chose to try Freedom Flow led by instructor Pamela Tan. The class aims to rid you of the “stresses of corporate life and recharge both your mind and body as you move through an invigorating sequence.”  At the beginning of the class Tan checked whether anyone had any injuries or was new to yoga, then she switched on the Zen-like music and we worked our way through 60 minutes of continuous poses. You were given the option to take a time out, but everyone stayed in the zone. It was more of a LISS workout (Lower Intensity Steady State). Muscles were tested and sinews stretched, and the body was gradually pushed a little further as the class went on. They were all familiar poses – downward dog, warrior, bridge, triangle pose, crow, but they came back-to-back.

Sweat Results

  • Tan used a bell to stir us from our end of workout asana. If she had left it five minutes longer, she would have had to use a siren. It left you feeling stretched and relaxed for the weekend.
  • In a class that included both beginners and advanced students, Tan still managed to keep everyone challenged.
  • The class was free from yogi terminology, which some can find a little off-putting. If you want to do the workout rather than discuss your chakras this is for you.
  • When the class had finished it was good to see Tan demonstrating an exercise that a client could try at home. The stressed out exec said she’d been suffering from a stiff neck at the end of the working day so Tan gave her a takeaway tip.


Find Freedom Yoga at 25E Lorong Liput Holland Village, 277736


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