52 Fun Ways To Burn Calories in Singapore (part two)

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And there’s even more great workout to try in The Lion City 


26.       Ice skating

When the temperature is rising, keep your cool with a session at The Rink at JCube. The team offer private lessons at $32.10 per 15 minute slot if you want to perfect your skills. 


27.       Crossfit

The world has gone crazy for Crossfit – and that includes Singapore too. Find out more about this gym-based workout that uses old-school tools to whip you into shape.  CrossFit Enduro offers drop-in classes for $30. 


28.       Football

Competitive football burns around 500 calories an hour. So wave goodbye to that Big Mac with a burst around the field. Log onto www.fas.org.sg/women/get-involved to track down your closest team.


29.  Tennis

Feeling inspired thanks to Wimbledon? Then hit the court this summer. It’s a great way to boost your strength and increase your muscle tone. Apice Tennis Club offer lessons at various locations throughout Singapore. Lessons from $30.


30. Circus skills

Take the family to the circus. But instead of chowing down on popcorn, learn how to be one of the acts. Circus In Motion will teach you stiltwalking and slackline among other things. A family bonding moment that you will never forget. 


31.  Parkour

If you fancy jumping from building to building James Bond-style, visit A2 Parkour. The Singapore-based Parkour team has created its own Free Runner Lodge so you can practise in the safety of a purpose-built venue. They offer Ladies Parkour Training from $25 a session.


32.   Polo

The closest most people get to a polo match is stomping on the divots. However, thanks to the Singapore Polo Club you can learn how to ride too. The club offer lessons for adults in the early morning or evening so that you can fit in a chukka before or after work.


33.   Ultimate Frisbee

If you think that Ultimate Frisbee is just your regular beach sport, think again. This team game will put even the fittest athletes in a spin. The idea is to get your Frisbee in the opposing end zone – cue heart-stopping action in between.  See www.facebook.com/UPASingapore


34.   Altitude Training

Raise your game by training at altitude. Singapore gym Virgin Active will help you boost your stamina by reducing the oxygen levels in the room when you workout using regular gym equipment. This supervised workout session will make your body think that you are training in the mountain tops, so when you workout at sea level you will be firing on all cylinders. See Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar


35. 30-Minute Workouts

Short on time? But want to squeeze in a workout? Then visit Ritual Gym. You will receive a top-to-toe workout in 30 minutes, which still gives you time to grab a smoothie before you leave.


36.  TRX

If you want to workout like a marine, try the TRX tool that was created by a marine. This strap of hard-wearing material that is anchored at one end, can be used for a wealth of body weight exercises. Find out how to use it by booking a free trial TRX class at www.truefitness.com.sg


37.   Spinning In The Dark

Enjoy a spinning class with a difference. Check out 7Cycle for a workout in the dark. High energy dance tubes and a club-like feel will help you power through your low impact, high-intensity workout. One week unlimited trial is $49. Visit http://www.7cycle.sg/


38.   Water polo

If you’ve got your water wings, join in with one of the highest calorie-burning sports of all – water polo. Queenstown Water Polo Club invite players from the age of six to take part in this fast-action sport.


39.   Laser tag

Test your reaction time at LaserOps purpose-built Laser Tag arena. You have to shoot a member of the opposition before they tag you. Are you ready punk? Priced from $15 per session. 


40.   Archery

Try one of the oldest sports of all time – archery. Archery Forces will show you the basics – from the lowdown on the equipment to how you score in competitions.


41.   Ballet

If you’ve always secretly dreamt of being a prima ballerina, live out your dream with the help of the Singapore Dance Theatre. The team offer adult ballet classes that will make sure that your moves are en pointe. Expect increased flexibility, strength and cardio – and great legs! Trial class is priced $25. 

42.   Bokwa

If endless dance steps send you into meltdown – simplify it with a Bokwa session. Inspired by a South Africa war dance, the steps for this dance fitness workout are done in the shape of letters. See we told you it was easy. Enjoy a free trial at Big Fitness


43.   Bossaball

What could be better than a game of football? A game of football on a bouncy castle! Mixing ball sports and acrobatics, this is a workout that you will never forget. Visit http://www.bossaball.com.sg/


44.   Rollerblading

Don’t wait for the MRT, pull on your rollerblades and skate to work. Skateline in Singapore will show you how to perfect your moves. Lessons from $20.  Visit www.skateline.com.sg


45.   Xtend Barre

This ballet barre meets Pilates workout not only boosts your stability, but increases your cardio levels. Book a Jump Start package with Sky Pilates for $550 (includes three private sessions and five group classes). Your thighs will thank you for it. Visit www.skypilates.com


46.   Surfing

You don’t need to go to Bali to experience the surf. Book a session at Wave House Sentosa. Here you can learn how to stand up on a board before you head to Changi Airport. Book a session in the surf from $35.


47.   Surfset

Or if rain has stopped play… enjoy a surfing session indoors. Surfset is a board-based workout that will boost your core. Priced $35 per class. Visit www.surfset.sg to find out more


48.   iFly Singapore

Experience what it is like to free fall without breaking a sweat. Step into the wind tunnel at iFly Singapore. The instructors will show you how to nail your skydiving move without you having to leave terra firma.  Priced from $89. 

49.   Roller Derby

Scape is Singapore is home to one of the sassiest sports in the city – roller derby. This is where the Chili Padi Derby Grrls train. If you’re new to roller derby, all you need to do is lap the opposition on the oval track to win. Ok, so it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Visit https://thechillipadis.wordpress.com/fresh-meat/


50.   SheFit

Shape up in the sunshine – sign up for the SheFit bootcamp. Mixing bands and bodyweight exercises you’ll be able to blast your body into shape. Book a walk-in class for $35 at UFit.


51. Fragment Room

If you’re looking to instantly destress, smash and bash away at crockery with a baseball bat at The Fragment Room at Balestier. Swinging that baseball bat is sure going to help you burn some calories.  And if you want to burn some more, you can also help tidy up afterwards. Visit The Fragment Room to find out more.


52. BounceFit

Give those legs a work and bounce your way back to fitness with a BounceFit class at Bounce Inc at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. They offer three types of classes – ABT, BounceFit Basic and BounceFit Combat. Each class combines traditional moves with the trampoline to give you a healthy kickstart. 10 session multipass costs $175.

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