Singapore’s Latest Express Workout

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We put the new FaMA QuickFit class to the test that’s designed for time-strapped execs


The Studio

The bright, airy FaMa (Fitness And Martial Arts) studio at Clarke Quay should inspire any workout. And if it doesn’t, the view of the river will. Split over three levels, the gym comprises a reception on the ground floor, gym and café on the first floor, and the changing rooms downstairs at the back. A mixture of white warehouse walls and blond wood, the FaMA team has done its best to create a welcoming environment.

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The Workout

When we arrived, there were three small classes working out in the gym at the same time – a BJJ class, a Muay Thai class and an express FaMA QuickFit class. We were there to trial the FaMA QuickFit class that was a 30-minute express workout you could squeeze into your lunch hour.

After a brief check by the instructor to see if we were carrying any injuries, it was then onto a warm-up with dynamic stretches – a round of jumping jacks, push ups and squats, followed by skipping.

We then went onto a mini circuit class, which involved pull-ups, leg raises, one arm rows with a kettlebell and a core workout on the Swiss ball. It was enough to wake up those muscles. And for those who are yet to master a pull-up, the instructor Cheryl offered an innovative short cut using an elastic band, which gave you a little win for the day until you master the real thing.

After the circuit we moved onto the core, which involved pairing up with a team mate to help keep the energy levels high and motivate each other. My partner would have to keep doing mountain climbers until I had finished 20 sit ups and so on.

The cool down then wrapped up the 30-minute session and this again involved a leg stretch with the help of your partner, followed by a plank and a mini stretch out for your arms.

FaMA Fitness - 2


The Coach

Cheryl kept the energy levels high throughout the workout and checked form as I went along.



Sweat Result

A fully-rounded workout that you can achieve in 30 minutes. Using the HIIT philosophy (high intensity interval training), you can give your body a mini stretch out instead of spending your lunch hour slumped over your desk.


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