We Kid You Not – This Is Gluten Free!

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Star chef Ryan Clift has risen to the challenge and whipped up a gluten-free, dairy-free menu for his bistro, Open Door Policy

The Tiong Bahru favourite is now coming to allergy sufferers everywhere with a menu that is designed not to irritate swollen tummies. The Open Door Policy team cleaned out their kitchen and removed any signs of gluten and dairy and sought out other ways of creating your favourite dishes. You can still enjoy cheesecake, souffle and pasta within sending your body into meltdown.


The Restaurant

Clift has tried to bring the outdoors in and create more of a holistic experience by lining the walls with tubs of herbs and creating an indoor garden. Due to the galley-style restaurant running alongside the kitchen, you get a peek of the chefs at work. The waiting staff are helpful and when faced with picky eaters with other allergies they also tried to deal with that too.


Stand-Out Dish

Braised Veal Ossobuco served with carrot risotto and smoked paprika, $32. This is a hug in a bowl. The veal falls to pieces as soon as you touch it with your fork, and the risotto is so rich, it tastes almost sinful. Not every dish was as punchy as this, but the Ossobuco made you want to go back.


Sweat Test Result

If you suffer from gluten or dairy allergies, it’s got to be good to know that you can eat everything on the menu.

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