The Ultimate Yoga Day Revealed

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Dancer Jenilee Rawlins stretched out in style at So SPA in Sentosa

When is a yoga class, not a yoga class? When it’s a mini holiday. So SPA in Sentosa has joined with Singaporean pop-up yogi stars Alpha Balance to offer a six-week yoga course within its five-star resort. We put its first session to the test…

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The studio: On arriving at So SPA for the new Six Week Beginner’s Yoga Course I immediately felt a sense of calm. This garden paradise, set atop a cliff in 27 acres of lush tropical woodlands and landscaped water garden, is both tranquil and serene. The studio is just as pretty as the garden itself, as the floor-to-ceiling windows give you a picture perfect view of the surroundings. When we walked into the room, the professional and friendly yoga instructor welcomed us to the class and offered us mats, towels, water bottles and blocks. The only disruption to the class were the sounds of the peacocks strolling through the grounds outside.

The class: The calm music began with energising wave sounds, as we began our warm up to this beginner Hatha yoga class. We practised breathing, grounding ourselves as the instructor talked us through a tree visualisation. This was particularly enjoyable in the natural environment of the studio. Each posture was then explained clearly with options for different levels and abilities. We continued with a slow sun salutation and then repeated this again faster moving into other postures with the clearly skilled instructor. To complete this rejuvenating experience, the session ended with relaxation and stretching, leaving me feeling re-energised and revitalised. After yoga, the group were offered complimentary tea and coffee at the garden restaurant overlooking one of the picturesque swimming pools. This was a great opportunity to meet new people and have a chat – something that is so often missing from classes and I felt a real benefit. This was followed by free access to the labyrinth, volcanic purifying mud pool and float pool facilities with cascading waterfalls, as well as a beautiful steam room and Jacuzzi area in the French Villa setting with its historical charm.

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Who’s it for? I believe So SPA is aimed at people who are looking for respite and relaxation and a mind and body MOT. This cool combination of exercise, beauty and healthy dining set in glamorous surroundings is hard to beat. It’s a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of The Lion City.



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