Bespoke Juice Blends Alert!

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Korean juice guru Beesket has just opened at 321 Clementi mall and Changi Point. This funky juice bar encourages you to create your own bespoke mix using the juice capsules found in the honeycomb containers on the counter. Once you spy what’s on offer, Beesket (bee plus basket) will have you scouring the brightly-coloured honeycombs keen to find your perfect nectar. For as well as the orange, apple and pineapple capsules, you can also finds more unusual ones such as red cabbage, yam and kale.

You can find up to 40 different juices and on each honeycomb it lists the calorie and nutrition value for each juice. So if you need a boost of calcium or iron, you know which mix to go for. If you are unsure what to choose you can take inspiration from the menu suggestions on the board, but it’s more fun creating your own magic.

We spotted lots of children making a beeline for the colourful honeycombs and choosing their own blends. It’s a simple way to start children thinking about what they are eating and choosing more healthier options.

As well as the colourful honeycomb containers and the weighing scale that automatically registers which juice combination you have chosen, Beesket has another surprise up its sleeve too – it serves hot juices. It does this by steaming the juice so that you can have the hot toddy that you want and still hold onto all of the vital vitamins. Try the spicy Pear and Ginger or citrus Grapefruit Tea.

Juice blends start from $5.90. Visit


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