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Here’s how you can stay healthy when the PSI is high


BEAT THE HAZE! Go For A Bike Ride
Where: CruCyle
If you miss taking your bike out for a spin, book a session at CruCycle. This high energy workout on a stationary bike will get your heart and legs pumping. And while you might not have the picturesque scenery of East Coast Park or Pulau Ubin to spur you on, the tunes chosen by the instructor are sure to have you powering through your workout. You start by clipping your Shimano shoes (that have been left for you in your locker) into the pedals and enjoy a gentle ride to warm up. Then when the lights are turned down, the music is turned up and you get a total body workout by rising up out of your saddle and practising your sprints. You finish the workout with a little light stretching. We put it to the test and were surprised at how fast the hour went. First timers can buy a two class package for $50. Visit

BEAT THE HAZE! Hire A Private Muay Thai Instructor 
Where: Your home
It’s not just PTs that will hit your home, Muay Thai instructors will too. Ex National Silat Team member Mustafa Kamal will come to your front door to help you burn calories. Mus brings everything you need to do your Thai kickboxing workout. All you need to do is make sure you’re dressed in workout gear and have a water bottle and towel on hand (because you are going to sweat). You start with skipping and stretches to warm up and then Mus will devise a workout for you depending on your level. We did a five rounds of pad work, split by a short burst of squats, push ups and sit ups. The workout then finished with some cool down moves and stretching. Before he wrapped up, Mus also took the time to give us some pointers and tips to work on for next time. Priced from $60 for one hour. Visit

BEAT THE HAZE! Try A Pole Dancing Class 
Where: Ecole De Pole
Looking for an excuse to try something new? Then how about a pole dancing session? This glamorous looking class is sure to give you a workout from top to toe. The London school, which has now launched in Singapore, offers a six-week course with an array of moves that you can put together to turn into a choreographed routine by the end of the six weeks. During our one hour session we practised spins, pull ups and a few dance moves. The music is more arty than bachelorette party, but we’re sure that you’ll have fun joining in the routine. A six-week course is priced $288. Visit

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