Fitness First Goes Platinum in Clementi

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Fitness First has thrown open the doors to its glamorous new club in Clementi. Taking over the top two floors of Clementi 321, the new Platinum club offers everything that you expect from a Fitness First, but with a little extra sparkle. Boasting a rooftop pool, a relaxation area with free coffee and tea facilities and a great free weights area, these facilities are more in line with what you would expect to see in the CBD. We put its latest Bag Drills class to the test.

fitness first SWEAT TEST

The studio: The first floor of the club is filled with everything you need to enjoy a good workout. We went for our trial on a weekend, but even though it was possibly one of its busier days, we noticed that everyone still had plenty of space within which to workout and there was no waiting for equipment.

The class: The class took place in the middle of the gym using the gym’s punching bags. This limits the amount of people in the class to six, but it also gives you more of the personal treatment. We started the class with a quick warm up of burpees, running on the spot and jumping jacks. This was an easy way to get the heart rate up and in mood for a good workout. We then slipped on the gloves that were provided and then took our positions in front of the bags and for the next 20 minutes or so we then took it in turns with our partner to hit and kick the bags. Tips were given on what move we needed to do, but as half the class seemed to be first timers to the session, the workout seemed to be more about burning calories than kickboxing technique. We took it in turns to throw crosses and punches, hooks and kicks. Girls and guys were hitting just as hard as each other, and everyone had smiles a mile wide. To wrap up, the trainer then had us racing between the punching bags, which he set swinging side to side. Running the gauntlet of these swinging bags was a fun way to test agility and balance, and an entertaining way to finish the class. The whole class took 30 minutes, but we didn’t feel short changed. In fact, it would make a great lunchtime session.

Who’s it for? Those who are looking for a quick workout that will get the heart racing. Fun way to workout with your friends and make new ones.





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