Sweat Test: Piloxing

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Pilates meets boxing? Now that’s a workout that we need to try…



Launched by Swedish celeb trainer Viveca Jensen. This 50-minute workout is said to be a combination of boxing, dance and Pilates. It’s designed to burn maximum calories, create lean muscles and increase stamina.

We kicked off our trainers and joined the packed room of fitness fans at Physical ABuse in Princep Street. The instructor cranked up the tunes and the whole class started warming up by stepping side to side and holding moving our arms in a ballet-inspired sequence.

Boxing moves came next by punching to the front and side with a little boxing footwork. However, the punches weren’t like ones Ronda Rousey has mastered. We were told to hold our fists ‘like we’re holding an ice cream’, which we found a little strange as a traditional boxing punch works your biceps just fine.

After punching, we moved on to working the legs, with thigh blasting leg raises. Whenever the legs were being moved, the arms were too, which gave you a good top-to-toe workout.

While the instructor was making the class sweat, it was clear everyone was having fun, particularly when whole class started doing the countdown to zero for the final two sets.

The workout finished with core exercises on the floor. This was roughly 10 minutes of push-ups with a leg raised, side leg raises and crunches.



After spending time in boxing and Pilates classes it quickly became transparent that this class is inspired by those disciplines and not a taster version of them. We might have spent time throwing punches, but they were not punches you would throw in a ring. And while it said to include Pilates, there’s no mention of zipping up the core, which is the basis of any Pilates workout.

However, while it doesn’t help you perfect these disciplines, there is still room for Piloxing at the gym. It’s perfect for dance class fans who want to mix up their workouts with a few new moves. It gets everyone sweating and smiling and isn’t that really what we all go to the gym for?



Visit www.physicalabuse.com.sg for more details. The class can also be booked through www.guavapass.com

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