Yoga Moves For Stressed Execs

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Yoga guru Jasmine Chong shows you how to find your own moment of tranquility in the Lion City



Chill: The more oxygen you take in, the more relaxed you feel.

Take a crossed-legged position on a floor cushion or leaning against a wall. Start breathing deeply. Pay attention to your breath as you breathe in and out. Do this for a few minutes to give yourself a time out.

Trainer’s tip: Make sure that you are breathing from your abdomen instead of your chest.




Chill: The more blood you get to the brain will lift your mood.

In a cross-legged position on the floor, reach your right arm up above your head and take a deep breath in. Now exhale and reach over to your left side (place your left forearm on the floor to deepen your stretch). Reach through your fingertips. Stay for 5 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Trainer’s tip: Pull your shoulders back so that your chest doesn’t collapse.




Chill: A headstand is known as a cooling posture, which means that it draws your attention inwards and helps you rid yourself of any anxiety.

Place your mat against a wall. Go on all fours facing the wall. Place your forearms on the mat. Link your fingers and pretend you are holding a small ball between your palms. Now place the crown of your head at the base of your palms, near the wrist. Tuck your toes under to lift your lower body. Start to walk your feet in so your hips come over your shoulders. Slowly lift your knee up to your armpits. Let your lower back come to the wall. Now start to walk your legs up the wall until they are straight.

Trainer’s tip: Press the tops of your shoulders away from your ears. The weight should be on your forearms and not your head.




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Jasmine was shot on location at Botanic Gardens, Singapore

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