How To Take On A Huge Challenge

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Women On A Mission is about to tackle a 10-day trek across Jordan  to help raise funds for and awareness of human trafficking. The challenge won’t be easy as they need to battle the desert heat, exhaustion and rocky terrain. Psychotherapist Muriel Bauer, who will be joining the team, has given us five mental tricks that you can use to help you climb your own mountain.



Work on the visualization. Going to go on a trek? Have a mental rehearsal. Visualise how it’s going to look. Whether it’s a race or trek, rehearse it before it happens. You can do this at night when you’re in bed. Close your eyes and meditate. Think about trekking in the desert, what the heat on your body will feel like, the smell and what you will be stepping on. Visualise the end so that it gives you the motivation to get there. Visualise each step so that you can be prepared. You need to prepare for the heat, pain and suffering and see yourself finishing it. Visualising the steps along the way will help you prepare yourself.



It’s important to stay mentally fit on your trip. To do this you need to be there in the moment. If you stay focused, negative thoughts can’t come in and affect your performance. If your mind wanders during a marathon you can lose precious seconds.



I always say that we are our own worst enemy. We allow negative thoughts to come in and counteract positive thoughts. So take a tip from meditation groups and give yourself an affirmation. It needs to be short, positive and in the present, for example, “I am strong”. When you’re having a tough moment, this boosts your mental strength. You need to be your biggest fan, clapping yourself along the way.


Break Down Your Goals

It’s important to break your challenge into achievable bite-sized goals. If you are climbing a mountain for example, say “I’m going to climb for the next 30 minutes, then celebrate with a hug from my friends”. It will make the mountain feel smaller and manageable.


Keep It Real

Make sure that you keep things in perspective. Hold on to your humility and your sense of humour. When you’re suffering from lack of sleep, blisters and a few aches and pains… just remind yourself that it’s only for a couple of hours, a day or a week… Remind yourself about the people you are doing it for. The people who are suffering more than you.



Psychotherapist and life coach, Muriel Bauer [pictured centre, top row], says that she will be putting these tips in her backpack when she takes on her own challenge in November. She will be joining the Women On A Mission team for a 10-day trek across Jordan to help raise funds for and awareness of female victims of war, violence and human trafficking. To find out more or to donate, visit

Images: The Women On A Mission team prepare for climbing in Jordan.



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