Your 10km PB Plan

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Wilson Low from Kinetik Edge reveals how you can cross the line in record time

Whether you’re running 10km, 21km or 42km – one thing remains the same… the need for a good race plan. Here’s your guide to scoring your fastest ever 10km!




+ Sleep well two nights before the race (eight hours or more is good). The eve of the race is not a good time to catch up on sleep.
+ Keep hydrated the day before the race.
+ Do not eat foods that are too ‘heavy’ or fatty the day before race.
+ Visit the toilet before the race starts. More digestive distress is expected when you are holding a higher pace as per a 10k race.
+ A longer warm-up is essential, especially if you aim to start fast and sustain a good pace.



+ Shoes: choose racing flats or lightweight trainers.
+ If carrying a spare gel, you could just tuck it into your waistband or under your watch strap.
+ Heed the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Simplify your approach and leave that GPS at home.

+ Keep your breakfast simple and don’t change your routine.
+ During warm-up, eat a gel 15 minutes before the start and chase with just enough water.
+ Caffeine gel as an emergency nutrition item works.
+ Plain water at aid stations might be all you need.
+ If you take in calories during the run, it only is effective if taken 30 minutes from the end of the event.



+ Plan to be on-site ready to do your warm-up as opposed to ready to meet the start time of the event.
+ Ensure you have some nutrition and some hydration handy after you have handed your drop bag over to race staff.
+ Consider how long you need to walk or stand around waiting prior to the race start. Try your best to minimise this.
+ If competitive, move to the start chute early and do not get bogged down by being caught in back of your start wave.
+ Establish the pace you have to hold throughout quickly, ideally within the first 3km.
+ If you hold a decent pace, there may be no need to carry nutrition (or, you simply can’t eat at that speed), so just rely on drinks throughout.
+ As you cross the line, hold your head high for that Facebook pic.


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Wilson Low is the head coach at who specialise in triathlon, running and cycling training. He also coaches runners for Singapore charity

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