Vertical Marathons

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Take your running to the next level. Sign up for a vertical marathon. It’s the toughest step class you’ll ever take. And while your lungs might not thank you, your thighs will… We’ve picked a few races that you can brag about for years to come. Hey, you’d deserve to!


1,576 stairs, 86 floors
You’ll definitely have an empire state of mind when you finish the Empire State Building Run-Up. This race, which take place in February 2014, is a step class to remember. John Korff of the NYC Triathlon reminds Empire Run Up competitors that you need to walk before you run. “Do not run in practice. If you start sprinting in your first workout you’ll get injured and discouraged. You have to build your quads and the muscles around your knees before you can sprint. It’s tough enough walking.”
SWEAT IT: Register at You must raise USD2,500 in sponsorship.


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1,336 steps, 73 floors
The Swisshotel Vertical Marathon is part of the Vertical World Circuit. The circuit incorporates nine famous towers, including the Empire State Building and Tapei 101 that features 2,046 steps. The Swisshotel race has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, so if you haven’t yet tried this spectacular race, that gives you a bird’s eye view of Singapore, sign up now.
SWEAT IT: Early bird entry to the November 2013 race is from SGD45. Register at


ideeperviaggiare 90

1,344 stairs, 52 floors
Dubai’s first skyscraper race, the MSF Dubai Vertical Marathon, is celebrating its 12th anniversary in April 2014. Both professional and non-professional athletes can race up the 1,344 stairs to help raise funds for Medecins Sans Frontieres and try to win one of the fabulous prizes up for grabs, including dinner, a stay at the hotel and a well-deserved massage.
SWEAT IT: Register at Priced Dhs500 for all entrants.


hanneorla 90

920 steps, 42 floors
Vertical Rush takes place in March 2014. Runners race up the London’s original skyscraper, to be greeted at the top by magnificent views of the capital. And if that doesn’t make you feel good, the thought that you’ve raised funds for the homeless charity Shelter will.  Celebrity PT Matt Roberts, who supports the Shelter race says that you should prepare for the Tower 42 climb by hitting the gym three times a week to build up your cardio levels and “I would advise competitors to work on high repetition lower body circuits, such as squats, lunges”, along with stair-walking sessions.
SWEAT IT: to register. You need to raise £180 sponsorship (plus a £40 non-refundable registration fee).

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