Tone Your Tum Without Doing A Sit Up

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Want to rock a six-pack, but bored with doing crunches. These five activities will give you the same ab-blasting effect and they’re a lot more fun

While vertical aerobics might be working your laughter muscles, it’s also working your core. Every lift and spin will require you to engage those stomach muscles to help support the rest of your body. You’ll also give your obliques and back a workout too.
BURNS: 300 calories per hour

As soon as you climb into a saddle you are activating your core. While you might think that steering a horse is all about firming holding the reins, it’s also about taking a strong position in the saddle. And to control your posture you need to engage your core.
BURNS: 200 calories per hour

Every time you place your paddle in the water you are toning your tum. Every time you twist your torso you are giving your abs and obliques a workout. You get the same effect as if you’re practicing your crunches, but instead of staring at the gym’s ceiling, you’re looking at the sparkling waters of the Singapore Strait.
BURNS: 500 calories per hour.

As well as increasing your cardio levels, running flattens your tum. Running engages your stomach and lower back muscles, which means that they get a workout every time you hit the tarmac.
BURNS: 100 calories per mile.

There’s no doubt that rock climbing gives your arms a workout, but you might not realise that it also tones your core. Every time you reach up, stretch across or grip to the rock face, you are making your stomach muscles do some work.
BURNS: 750 per hour when ascending.


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